Feasibility Studies

Ingenieurbüro für Holztechnik und Projektmanagement

Analysis of the Technical Basis

Based on the many years of experience of our engineers, we work out a detailed project time schedule that includes all phases of the project realisation.


Raw Material Analysis

Specification of Machinery and Equipment

Evaluation of Offers and Investment Cost Calculation

Economy Calculation and Risk Analysis

Project Time Schedule

Market Analysis

The first steps for our engineers are to gather all important product data (measurements, materials, steadiness classes, stress limits etc.) , to calculate the production capacities based on the available working regime and to search for authoritative norms and standards.


We define the required raw materials and qualities, analyse the national and international availability of raw materials and calculate the required raw material quantities as well as the quantities of the  wood waste produced (sawdust, chips etc.).



HCK prepares an independent market analysis of the national and international market, identifies competitors and their market shares and locates potential market niches.


We work out detailed specifications of the required machinery and equipment depending on production capacity and level of automation. We then calculate the number of required machines and their production rate.

Our engineers ask different machinery manufacturers to send offers for the required raw materials, machinery and equipment and make a technical and financial evaluation of the offers. Based on these evaluation we calculate the raw material costs as well as the total investment costs for machinery and equipment.



To judge the economics of the investment, we calculate the production costs and we work out financial models incl. profit and loss calculations. In addition we make a risk analysis.


Personnel Cost Calculation

We estimate the required number of employees for each department and calculate the detailed costs for the personnel.



If you intend to invest in a new production plant or if you intend to expand your existing production facility, it is wise to  check the feasibility of such an investment..  We would be pleased to work out a complete feasibility study for you.

The advantage of our independence of any raw material supplier and machinery manufacturer is that we are free to  recommend  the best  and most economic solution to you.



We are pleased to develop individual drawings for you as for example general site plans, machinery layouts, material flow sheets, etc..

It makes no difference if you intend to use existing buildings or if you intend to construct a new factory building. The drawings are designed by CAD.