Ingenieurbüro für Holztechnik und Projektmanagement

Factory Planning


The professional planning of your production facility is important for the efficiency and the competitiveness of your enterprise.  A well planned production process reduces the production time. This converts into an improvement of usage factor of the machinery and equipment and so to a reduction of production costs.

We would be pleased to make the factory planning for your new or existing factory.

The advantage of our independence of any machinery manufacturer is that we are free to  recommend  the best  and most economic solution to your enterprise.






The first steps for our engineers are to analyse the market situation, the possibilities of product development and to work out an estimation of project costs.  Depending on this project cost estimation it is possible to judge the economy of the planned investment.

In case of high investment costs such an estimate is not sufficient. In this case we recommend that we work out a feasibility study for the project.

The factory planning for an existing factory requires an analysis of the existing facility. This analysis includes the benchmarking of the actual situation of the facility as well as  a function– and cost analysis..





Product Planning

Planning of the Work Flow


Machinery Planning


Storage Areas

Internal Transport

To select the most suitable location of your production factory we consider regional presuppositions (infra structure, climate, existing buildings, availability of raw materials, and manpower, energy supply etc.), environmental conditions as well as legislative requirements.


For complex products (e.g. furniture) it is essential to make  detailed product planning. According to your ideas we work out optimal construction details, develop the necessary production steps and work out detailed bills of material.

Based on the product planning our engineers work out work flow sheets as well as lists of the individual production steps. These documents are the basis for the machinery planning.


If you intend to use existing buildings, it is recommended to work out a general site plan. In case of new buildings we would be pleased to advise you regarding the shape of the building, the number of floors, the ground-plan of the building, the layout of the rooms and the execution of the foundations.

We work out detailed specification of the required machinery and equipment depending on production capacity and level of automation and calculate the number of required machines and their production rate.

We are pleased to develop individual drawings for you such as general site plans, machinery layouts, material flow sheets, foundation plans as well as plans for electricity, compressed air, exhaust system for chips and sawdust, water, waste water, heating, cooling etc..

It makes no difference whether you intend to use existing buildings or if you intend to construct a new factory building. The drawings are designed by CAD. 

For complete plants there must be sufficient storage capacities. These capacities are influenced by the following factors:  Utilization of the available space, manipulation time, storage capacity and transfer capacity. For the planning of storage areas we additionally consider an optimal storage organisation.

Beside the selection of suitable transport equipment, the organisation of the internal transport system is an important planning factor.